Getting Back To Zero

The millions of thoughts going through our minds every day are mostly just rubbish. They are not even our own thoughts but the thoughts that others have passed down to us. Its the thoughts that we have and the way we deal with those thoughts that keeps us stuck in the lives that we say that we do not want.


Who in their right mind would choose to be hungry, poor, sick, depressed? Yet that’s what we choose every day.  I know there are going to be an awful lot of people reading this and saying to themselves “What a stupid person this is, we did not choose this, our circumstances decided it for us.” Well I want to tell you that you decided your circumstances. It’s you thoughts that keep you stuck where you are. How many times do you hear yourself saying “I don’t like living in this area, but I cannot afford to move.” or maybe “I don’t like my job but I cannot afford to leave.” or maybe its “I do not like being in this relationship but its better than nothing” The fact that you choose to stay is what keeps you there.

We are “happy ” in our comfort zone even though we do not really feel happy.  The thing is we are afraid of the unknown. The what ifs. “What if I sold this house and bought a better one and then the interest rates go up and I cannot afford the repayments?” “What if I give up my job and I cannot find another one?” What if I leave this bad relationship and I cannot find another? We never seem to have the thought “What if the house we buy is the exact one that we will be happy in? What if I find a job that excites and fulfills me? What if I find the perfect relationship?.


We are all the captains of our own ships. The author of our own lives. We choose the start and the end of our story.

If you were commissioned to write a book about how you would want your life to be would you write about having a bad job, living in a bad neighbourhood, being sick, being poor? I do not think anyone would, and yet that’s what we spend our time doing.


We need to change the thoughts that we have. But how do we do that?

Our minds are constantly processing information. The subconscious mind deals with the daily running of our body. It tells our heart to beat, our blood to run through our veins, our kidneys to work etc etc.If we had to think those thoughts with our conscious mind we would last about 30 seconds. But our subconscious mind also controls other thoughts that we have.  Our other day to day  commitments. When we first try to tie our shoelaces for instance, it is usually hard to grasp. We keep trying until finally one day we tie them no problem and then after a short while we do not have to think about tying them, we just tie them. The reason that we do not have to think about tying them is because when we do something repetitively it becomes a habit. Once that happens it moves from our conscious mind into our sub-conscious and when it gets into our sub-conscious we do not have to think about doing it. we just do it. Same as when we learn to drive a car, we spend hour after hour practicing and and then it gets to be a habit and hey presto we just get in the car and drive


The things that we repeatedly do eventually become a habit and we do them without thinking about it. So how do we change our habits? We change our thoughts. Instead of thinking “I can’t do this, I can’t do that!” we instead agree that “I can do anything”.  Get the negative thoughts out and start putting in positive thoughts.


Positive thoughts alone will not change your circumstances but when you add action to them and it is repetitive action you will soon find that you are indeed the captain of your ship and the master of your destiny.










We Did It!


On May the 10th Malcolm and I walked on the hot coals. yvonnes firewalking certIt was amazing and we are looking forward to doing it again very soon. I thoroughly recommend any one if they get the chance to do this.

Fire Walking

On 10 May 2013 Malcolm and I will be attending  a seminar in London where we will walk on hot coals. We are so looking forward to this. It is not something that we ever thought we would be able to do and no as yet we have had no training or preparation to do it. We will arrive there on Friday and on the evening we will just do it. We intend to put the video online as soon as possible.

The reason we are doing this is to allow ourselves to overcome fear. Fear is the most destructive thought and can impede anyone’s life. We must overcome our fears in order to live life to the fullest.

We all have a fear at some point in our lives but it is how we handle that fear that determines the outcome. If we live with the fear it becomes a part of us. The way we nurture it makes it grow just like when you water your plants. The  other alternative is to face the fear and kill it.

I know I was terrified of flying and for years did not even consider it.  Then Malcolm took me to France by car and I thought how good it was to see other countries. I wanted to go further afield but that involved flying. Malcolm booked to take me to Paxos in Greece and even at the airport I felt “I can’t do this”. The fear was growing and then a couple sat by us obviously very drunk and they started talking about their bad experiences when they had flown before. They told us that they now have to get drunk before they can get on a plane. Malcolm was horrified, there I was as nervous as hell and now this couple were telling me about how bad flying was. In that moment I decided that it could not be bad as this couple were still flying. They used their fear as an excuse to get drunk. I decided that I was going to enjoy my experience as I certainly did not want to get drunk in order to fly.

Once on the plane I asked Malcolm to sit by the window as I was very scared of heights and did not want to see the ground so far away. I thought if I cannot see it I will not know how far up we are but as the plane leveled out I found myself drawn towards the window. The sight of the clouds beneath us was breath-taking and I lost all fear that I had in that moment. Since then we have traveled many times on a plane and I love it.

Once you face your fear your fear diminishes and you move to higher ground.  I am so grateful that I faced my fear that day and now I can see the world.




Letting Go Of The Past

For many, when trying to change their lives for the better, they realise that in order to change the future, they have to let go of the past.  It is such an easy thing to say, but, how exactly do you do it?

When you hear the phrase, “Let go”, it is easy said, but, the challenge comes when you have to do it.  So many life improvement gurs advise you do that and that is all well and good.  Trouble is, they don’t go into the method or methods that you need to follow in order for this to happen.  You’re left to your own devices.  Not much good if you’ve spent good money on investing in yourself. But, you are investing in yourself and your growth to improve your life?

All the posts and information on this site are here to help you grow.  We recommend systems that we know will help.  It is up to you to decide to do something about it.

Well, in order to help you “let go”, we have found something that is so simple, you’ll wonder why you never saw it before.  We certainly found that to be the case.

If you enter your name and email address in the box to the right, you’ll be taken to a site that will help you “let go”.

The Real Power Of Concentration

All enduring success begins with a success consciousness back by a definite plan.- Napoleon Hill.


So here hath been dawning

Another blue day;

Think wilt thou let it

Slip useless away?

Out of eternity

This new day is born;

Into eternity,

At night will return.

Behold it aforetime

No eye ever did;

So soon it for ever is hid.

Here hath been dawning

Another blue day;

Think, wilt thou let it

Slip useless away.

-Thomas Carlyle


It is common knowledge that in order to accomplish anything we need to learn concentrate. To make a success of anything you need to be able to hold your thought on the particular idea that you require an answer to. Therefore it is most important that we learn how to concentrate.

Many people get discouraged because they do not seem to hold the thought for long, but this is normal. It is very peculiar how we can always concentrate our thoughts on the things that are not beneficial to us but we have great difficulty concentrating on things that will benefit us. This is why we need to learn to concentrate consciously as opposed to unconsciously.

You will need to concentrate each day to develop this skill but as you practice it will become easier and easier and your life will drastically improve.

You will be able to end the negative thoughts that keep entering your mind and put your full concentration on only the positive thoughts and ideas that you receive.

Have you ever thought what sort of effect your thoughts have on your life? Not many people do, and that is why so many people live their lives by default rather than by design.

Yes it is possible to design the sort of life you live, just as easily as it is to organise that special trip you want to take or that meal you want to cook.

You are in charge of every aspect of your body and mind and learning how to concentrate will give you back the control that you have been giving away.

When would be a good time to start changing your life? All you need to do is to start changing the thoughts that you concentrate on.



How Are You Living Your Life?

Here are some wise words from the Dalai Lama:

The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, he said:
“Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he
sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about
the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he
does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never
going to die, and then dies having never really lived…”

If you feel this applies to you, then please visit for advice on how to change your life NOW!!

There Has To Be An Opposite

Do you ever ask yourself the question “Why does it always happen to me?”  I think everyone has asked this question at least once in their life. When something goes wrong it sometimes feels like the end of the world. This is because we do not have the answers that we need to overcome our problems. There is always a positive reason for everything that happens to us, but most of us choose to see the negative reasons. Choosing to focus on the negative  will not improve your life ,but it will bring more negative situations into your life.

When you change your thoughts and start thinking of differently you will understand the truth.

The has to an opposite. Black/white, front/back, top/bottom, inside/outside, good/bad, joy/sorrow.

If one did not exist then neither can the other. If we did not experience sorrow then how can we know that we are experiencing joy.

The problem that we have is that we do not like to feel sorrow therefore we do not know how to cope with it.  Watch the following video and maybe you will find some understanding.


My sister went through the same scenario and she emerged stronger than before. She now cares for children in the same hospital as where her own son Jamie died and is testament to the fact that even out of despair there can be a positive outcome.


Love makes the world go round


Enlightenment Is About Being Available

The most exquisite and enlightening experience of your life instantly shows up when you are fully open, receptive and available to the Universe.  By being completely open, receptive and available to whatever the divine existence is offering you in this moment, the greatest experience of life simply pours in.  Every deeply loving, successful, and magically divine experience will throw itself at your feet when you are open, available and receptive.  This moment contains the magical state of enlightenment, and you can discover it spontaneously when you give up searching “out there” for the happiness, fulfillment or the “answers”, and start trusting your ability to receive the grace that is inherently yours to be experienced.

Imagine you are like a wildflower, which is always opening and receptive to the warm gentle light from the Sun.  The soft delicate flower petals must then also be open to experiencing the harsher elements, such as the wind, rain, fertilizer and competitive weeds for a growing life to persist.  When you live your life like this wildflower, you root yourself deep into fertile soil and welcome whatever enlightening or not so enlightening experiences life brings you.  You know that all the soft and hard elements you attract are necessary for your soul’s highest evolution, and thus allow for each experience to enter you fully.  As a result, a great strength and beauty is developed, and only is seen when you are consistently open and receptive to every experience life brings your way.

The experience of being open, receptive and available spontaneously happens when you have an unshakable trust that this highly intelligent loving existence always knows what’s best for you. Unstoppable receptivity is your ticket into Heaven, and yet to open the door and walk through the gates you will need 100% trust.  When you’ve reached absolute trust on your inner world, your outer world feels this divine quality radiating from you, and the spark of enlightenment instantly ignites within you.

Living in this supreme state of trust and enlightened availability means you need to be a spiritual warrior on your inner world.  You get to constantly choose to be a radically free from all limitations that arise in the mind, and decide to live beyond the confines of every social belief the world presents.  To go beyond the limits of your own ego/mind takes a very courageous warrior-like energy that is ready to die for freedom.  This may be the most terrifying and/or a liberating experience you’ll ever have in your life, yet it also means that you are ready to truly be alive, and live your truth on the deepest levels.

Inside your heart of hearts is a state of immense joy, unfathomable love and freedom that is independent of any outer cause or experience.  This enlightening experience is found only through letting go of this constant struggle to attain some better, new and improved experience of life.  As you slowly tire of the ego’s constant outer search, you will naturally start being divinely receptive to the Light within and discover an exquisite infinite source of inner peace inside you.  It is already here, at the core of your being, just underneath all your desires.  This enlightening path leads you to a life that is naturally spontaneous, creative and devoted totally to this moment of existence.  From here you don’t have to search for any profound life experience, the enlightenment experience simply finds its way into you. As you become available to experience anything and everything that arises inside you, you’ll see this enlightening existence naturally awakens within. Have a deeply profound and super enlightening week…enjoy!

Written By Jafree Ozwald

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The More You Give The More You Get

“The illiterate of the 21st century are not those who cannot read nor write,
but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”  ~Alvin Toffler

Naturally your innermost nature is already awake, bright and free.  You are already enlightened.  This enlightened nature becomes more evident the more you practice giving it away.  Higher consciousness begets more consciousness, and increases the tendency to generate more love, generosity and kindness.  You’ll soon find that everyone starts giving everything they can to give you.  The more we enjoy giving freely to others, the more others freely desire to us something back from the same liberating place.  It is the path of enlightened reciprocation.

As long as you’re still alive on this planet, you have an infinite supply of love to give away.  You might as well give it and enjoy the kickbacks!  Let yourself relish in the feeling of letting go and letting the love flow. Do what makes you feel good inside at the core.  Make it your mission to do one random conscious act of kindness everyday.  This one thing will create many miracles in your life.  If your mind should get stuck and keep thinking all night about what you should be getting back in return, just acknowledge the mind, give it a morsel of love and know who is truly in charge… ego or love?  Let the ego know it is taken care of by the Universe so it can relax, let go and trust in the future.  This one enlightened message will provide more long term joy than you can imagine. 

Since 1995, I’ve researched a very ancient science we now call “manifesting”, which teaches us how to attract what we want based on the thoughts we think.  Its not easy controlling the mind, nor getting the mind to always think positive.  If you need help to get your life back on track then I recommend that you try the following program. Click Here I have and still do use it myself and find it very beneficial.

Your Job is Simply to Be Happy!

Written by Jafree Ozwald and Margot Zaher

What if your main job in life was simply to be happy? How would you start and end your day? What would you do this week to play more, feel lighter, more free and alive? When you choose this higher energetic frequency that’s full of love, joy and gratitude, you’ll start manifesting all of sorts of glorious things and experiences! With happiness, you can also overcome any constricting emotions like sadness, frustration, guilt, desperation and fear. They simply drop when you are devoted to embodying this Divine state within.
Happiness is simply a conscious choice that you can make in each moment of your life no matter what is occurring in your outer world. You can always choose to appreciate who you are and what you have. You can feel this joy inside for no reason at all. Simply choose to be an unstoppable ball of light, love and joy!
“Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response.” ~ Mildred Barthel
Your job as a spiritual being is to go beyond playing those “unhappy roles” and step into being the Divine human being you really are. All of those unhappy thoughts, feelings are just caused by thinking patterns…they are not who you truly are. You are much bigger than a handful of thoughts, you are consciousness itself! Simply choose to see that you are always already free from needing “this or that” in order to be happy. You don’t need anything or have to figure out anything in life to be happier in this moment. Simply realize the truth of who and what you already are.
You are the Source of Love and Happiness itself! Once you truly realize this, happiness will find you. Surrender to your greatest experience of happiness right now. Find your most authentic expression of boundless joy and freedom and express it! This simply creates more happiness. Once you continuously vibrate at this level, the Universe will reward you with even more satisfying experiences that snowball into manifesting even happier feelings and experiences!
“Act happy, feel happy, be happy, without a reason in the world. Then you can love, and do what you will.” ~ Dan Millman
Things manifest much easier when you stop forcing them, and so is the same with happiness. You cannot force happiness by looking for things “out there” to make you more happy “in here”. Simply refocus on how much joy is available from being who and what you already are. Remember, you are the God Source itself. What is better than that?
You can manifest anything you want when you learn how to become more attuned to this Divine Source within. You will be well taken care of. Everything you want and need to manifest is going to manifest. All the details will take care of themselves. Just relax and be happy! Happiness is your main mission in life and it is always available. Believe it and you will see it for yourself.
“Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.” ~Osho
The greatest secret we’ve discovered to experiencing a perpetual state of happiness is to remain completely present to the “now” moment in whatever activity you are engaged in. The more you can be completely absorbed by the NOW, the more your energy expands which allows you to feel higher about life!
This intentional alignment with the moment allows you to access your Divine authentic self, whereas worrying about the past or future takes you directly into the grips of the ego where unhappiness is. In fact, unhappiness happens only when the ego believes that something else should be happening. When you live consistently in the present moment with your full presence, you attune to the HUM and natural rhythm of this Divine existence. There is such beauty and joy found in what is here now.
“Be a dynamo of irrepressible joy! If you are in peace, I am at peace. If you are happy, I am happy! Be happy!” ~Babaji
It’s good to know that you can manifest anything you want easily, effortlessly and even instantly in this physical world. Manifesting is much easier than you have imagined. All you ever have to do is let your true joyful self shine. Watch out for that part of you that’s stuck trying to figure it all out. Every time you try to “figure everything out”, you actually constrict your energy and start operating out of the head and forget the heart.
Happiness is found from living from the heart. You are not here to just live up in your head and try to figure it all of life out. If you became “Mr. or Miss Smarty Pants” you would stop growing, evolving and forget your happiness mission. The student in life always learns more than the teacher who has all the answers. Always be a student of life. Be curious! Play a little everyday and learn how to enjoy whatever you are doing. The Universe will reward you greatly.
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