On 10 May 2013 Malcolm and I will be attending  a seminar in London where we will walk on hot coals. We are so looking forward to this. It is not something that we ever thought we would be able to do and no as yet we have had no training or preparation to do it. We will arrive there on Friday and on the evening we will just do it. We intend to put the video online as soon as possible.

The reason we are doing this is to allow ourselves to overcome fear. Fear is the most destructive thought and can impede anyone’s life. We must overcome our fears in order to live life to the fullest.

We all have a fear at some point in our lives but it is how we handle that fear that determines the outcome. If we live with the fear it becomes a part of us. The way we nurture it makes it grow just like when you water your plants. The  other alternative is to face the fear and kill it.

I know I was terrified of flying and for years did not even consider it.  Then Malcolm took me to France by car and I thought how good it was to see other countries. I wanted to go further afield but that involved flying. Malcolm booked to take me to Paxos in Greece and even at the airport I felt “I can’t do this”. The fear was growing and then a couple sat by us obviously very drunk and they started talking about their bad experiences when they had flown before. They told us that they now have to get drunk before they can get on a plane. Malcolm was horrified, there I was as nervous as hell and now this couple were telling me about how bad flying was. In that moment I decided that it could not be bad as this couple were still flying. They used their fear as an excuse to get drunk. I decided that I was going to enjoy my experience as I certainly did not want to get drunk in order to fly.

Once on the plane I asked Malcolm to sit by the window as I was very scared of heights and did not want to see the ground so far away. I thought if I cannot see it I will not know how far up we are but as the plane leveled out I found myself drawn towards the window. The sight of the clouds beneath us was breath-taking and I lost all fear that I had in that moment. Since then we have traveled many times on a plane and I love it.

Once you face your fear your fear diminishes and you move to higher ground.  I am so grateful that I faced my fear that day and now I can see the world.




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